The Spartans of Charlotte Alumni Club is the best way to make new friends, network, and learn about the city!

To connect Socially, be sure to check out our upcoming Events and connect with us on Facebook.  Be sure to let everyone know you are new in town.  And go ahead, reach out to some alumni you may not know.  You’ll be enjoying your new social network in no time!

To connect professionally, be sure to check us out on LinkedIn.  Looking for a job?  You’ll find hundreds of alumni networked throughout the city in various companies, spanning a variety of industries.  Please don’t be shy.  Everyone wants to help a Spartan!

The best way to get to know the club, the city, and new people, is to get involved.  Attending a Spartan Saturday with a hundred strangers can be intimidating.  If this isn’t your style, keep your eye out for smaller events.  Better yet, Volunteer for an event, committee, or Club Leadership position and make great friends with the wonderful Alumni that make it happen!