North Carolina Spartans License Plate Initiative




Miss your Michigan MSU license plate? Tired of a lack of Spartan pride on your car? Jealous of all the other schools represented in NC?

This initiative is to complete the Collegiate License Plate process outlined by the State of North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Once this process is complete, we will have the opportunity to represent Spartan Green and White on our license plates.

Our goal is to collect the 300 applications within 6 months.  With 2,500+ MSU Alumni in the State of North Carolina, we should be able to reach our goal well before then!  Please contact Myka Bell with any questions or concerns:


  • Regular Collegiate Fee (Spartan Logo Only):  $25.00 

If you pay online: +$1.06 PayPal Fee =                        $26.06*

  • Personalized Collegiate Fee (Vanity Plate):     $55.00

If you pay online: +$1.95 PayPal Fee =                         $56.95*

* PayPal Charges 2.9% + $0.30 per Credit Card Transaction.

Make All Checks & Money Orders out to “Charlotte-Piedmont MSU Alumni Club” or pay with credit card through our PayPal links.

Spartan Logo PayPal Link #1:

Personalized Spartan Logo PayPal Link #2:

DMV Application Link: CLICK HERE  What the NC DMV requires:

  • Permission from MSU to use the school logo without charge – No problem
  • A minimum of 300 paid applicants – This is where we need you!

The Game Plan:

  • Fill out a Collegiate License Plate Application (Click Here To Download)
  • Either bring your form in to a Spartan Gamewatch or Mail/Email it to the address/Email address on the top of the form.
  • Spread the word and encourage other Spartans in North Carolina to fill out the form.
  • When 300 PAID applications are received, the club will submit all applications and money to the NC DMV. The DMV will validate and process all applications. Once approval is received, the DMV will issue you a collegiate plate for MSU.
  • Get your plate and represent!


    • You currently pay $28 to $33 per year for your N.C. license plate registration. The Spartan license plate will be an extra $25 a year, which is distributed to the National Heritage Trust Fund and the Special Registration Plate Fund (part of the Highway Fund, which among other things, beautifies N.C. highways) by the State of North Carolina.


    • These charges are established by legislative action in the state of North Carolina and, like all laws, are subject to change.


    • Personalizing your Michigan State license plate is $30 per year in addition to the collegiate license fee of $25 ($25+$30=$55) + standard registration fees.


    • The Charlotte Chapter of the Michigan State Alumni Association has volunteered to help coordinate the Michigan State University efforts to establish the specialized MSU plate.


    • The faster we reach 300 paid applicants, the faster the plates hit the road.


    • In the event that we do not reach 300 paid applications in a reasonable time period, all monies will be refunded minus any PayPal fees (we do not have control over these costs).


    • All applications will be collected and monies will be held in the Charlotte-Piedmont MSU Alumni Club account by the Charlotte Michigan State Chapter.


    • Please include your email address and phone number along with your application so that we can contact you if necessary. An email will be sent to you to confirm that your form and money have been received. Email will also be used for follow up communication if necessary.


    • If your information changes before we submit the forms and money to the NC DMV, please send an email to the email address on the Application with your new information and it will be changed on your form(s). Also, if you move out of state before the application is processed by the DMV, simply request a refund of your Michigan State license plate fee and we will refund your payment minus a $5 processing fee.


    • We would like you to keep in mind the accompanying artwork is proposed until verified as official by the NC DMV.


    • Once we reach our goal of 300 Paid Applications, the DMV will make the Spartan License Plate officially available to the public.  From that point forward, anyone can order a Spartan License Plate directly from the DMV.


  • Here is the NCDOT, DMV web site for more information: Special Plates

We hope you will support Michigan State and support this license plate endeavor.  

Please contact Myka Bell with any questions or concerns.

Spartan License Plate

Go Green!  Go White!  Go State!