Michigan State University

President: Kristen Miller
Game Watch Location: BlackFinn
Contact: Club msuspartansnc@gmail.com
Website: www.MSUSpartansNC.com
Map of all MSU Alumni Clubs


University of Illinois

Game Watch Location: Bad Daddy’s Burgers
Contact: CharlotteIlliniClub@Gmail.com
Website: Coming Soon! For now…Facebook


Indiana University

President: Anne-Marie Farrow
Game Watch Locations: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille | Heist Brewery 
Contact: CharlotteChapter@alumni.iu.edu
Website:  CharlotteHoosiers.org
Facebook:  facebook.com/IUAA.CLT


University of Iowa

President: Nick Zittergruen
Game Watch Location: Brazwell’s Pub (Montford)
Contact: Charlotte.Hawkeyes@Gmail.com
Website: http://www.iowalum.com/charlotte/


University of Maryland

President: Danny Fisher
Contact: charlotteterps@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ncterps.org/


University of Michigan

President: Josh Bostwick
Game Watch Location: Tavern on the Tracks
Contact: charlotteclub@umich.edu
Website: http://clubs.alumni.umich.edu/charlotte


University of Minnesota

Contact:  Tom Lavaty
Website:  minnesotaalumni.org


University of Nebraska

President:  Tim Zuraff
Game Watch Location:  Jocks and Jills
Contacts:  Tim Zuraff | Rick Gross
Website:  http://www.nchuskers.com


Northwestern University

President: Bill Farley
Game Watch Location: Jackalope Jacks
Contacts: Club nuclubofcharlotte@gmail.com | Bill Farley  | Michelle Spak
Website: http://alumni.northwestern.edu/charlotte


Ohio State University

President: Heather Dean
Vice President: Robin Graves
Game Watch Location: Strike City (Uptown)
Contact: http://www.charlottebuckeyes.com/contact.html
Website: www.CharlotteBuckeyes.com


Penn State University

President: Mark Reed
Game Watch Locations: Fitzgerald’s Uptown, Fox and Hound – HuntersvilleDuckworths – Ballantyne
Contacts:  Club info@psucharlotte.org | Jacqueline Yetter
Website: www.PSUCharlotte.org


Purdue University

Presidents: Anne Haehl & Sarah Shields
Game Watch Location: The Roasting Company (Montford)
Contact: Anne Haehl ahaehlpurdue@gmail.com
Website: www.CharlotteBoilers.org


Rutgers University

President: Eric Bohman
Contacts: Club queencitybadgers@gmail.comEric BohmanDavid Trush | LaVonne Derksen
Website: alumni.rutgers.edu


University of Wisconsin

President: Brian Reinicker
Game Watch Location: Taco Mac
Contact: Brian Reinicker
Website: www.uwalumni.com