August 17, 2016




Become a Perks Member
This app/card allows you to earn point towards rewards for things such as a FREE APPETIZER just for signing up & selecting MSU Spartans of Charlotte!!

By becoming a Perks Member, for every qualified* game day visit, you will collect credits towards future rewards:

  • After 4 visits, member will earn a Free Flatbread
  • After 8 visits, member will earn $10 Finn Bucks
  • After 12 visits, member will earn a Free Burger
  • After 16 visits, member will earn a free Big Boy Growler (not including the beer)
  • In addition, every swipe will enter the member into a chance to win at Super Bowl party for 10 at the Finn
    *A qualified visit is a $10 spend during the games on Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night

Additionally, 10% of all sales (food & beverage) at all times (even non-game days) will be kicked back to the MSU Spartans of Charlotte Alumni Club allowing us to spend more on our members and events!

Be sure to use the app EVERY TIME you visit any BlackFinn locations in order to support the Charlotte Spartans Alumni Club!

How to set up your app/card account:
1. Visit and Sign Up for the Ameripub Perks Program
2. Go to the “My Account” Page on the Ameripub Perks Website
3. Click on “2016 Challenge” in the “Programs” Section
4. From the Drop-Down Menu
-Select Your State: NC
-Select Your BlackFinn Restaurant: Uptown or Ballantyne
-Select Your School/Organization: MSU Spartans of Charlotte
5. You have Successfully Registered, Now download the App on your Phone!