July 27, 2011


Membership Program Evolution

In an effort to provide better resources and services to more of our alumni, the MSU Alumni Association is evolving the membership program.

In years past, members have supported the MSU Alumni Association through membership dues. These membership fees went directly to the Alumni Association to provide programs, events and resources for Spartan alumni around the world. 

As of July 1, 2016, membership in the MSUAA will no longer be fee-based, with all alumni and university donors receiving services and recognition from the Alumni Association. 

Learn about the MSUAA membership program evolution and how you can continue to benefit Michigan State University.  http://alumni.msu.edu/membership

What does “Membership” mean to Charlotte Spartans?

For some, simply living in the Charlotte region and being an MSU fan is all it takes to make them a member. For others, participating in Spartan game watches at The Gin Mill makes them a member. And for a certain group of Alumni, a Membership means giving back to the club by means of donations or volunteering their time.

In the end, you define what “Membership” means to you!

Yes, the club has expenses. No, we do not charge annual dues.

Instead, we find creative ways to generate revenue for our club through raffles, paid events, selling MSU Charlotte gear, and open donations. Every penny that comes to us, goes right back out to you.

Please sign up to receive our emails on the Homepage, to get up to date information on events, club initiatives, and other news. Whether you are new to Charlotte, or have lived here for 30 years, we hope you will discover what “Membership” means to you!