June 1, 2020

NC Plates

NC-MSU (“Spartan”) Plate Update Elaine Babcock
Charlotte Spartans MSU Alumni Club SpartanPlateNC@gmail.com
October 14, 2020

• Kicked-off initiative to create an NC-MSU (“Spartan”) license plate in February, 2019.

• Collected required 300+ paid applicants in less than a year.

• Delivered package to NCDMV in January, 2020.

• Received preproduction proofs (above) mid-October, 2020; we’re next in line for production.

• Once created and issued to current applicants, Spartan plates will be available through local NCDMV offices. It’ll cost $25 (standard plate) or $55 (personalized plate) and will adapt to one’s current vehicle registration cycle (i.e. no additional or overlapping fees).

• Additional information, including FAQs, can be found at MSUSpartansNC.com.

• Questions? Always feel free to reach out to Elaine Babcock at

• Housekeeping: As long as your driver’s license and registration(s) are current, including fees paid promptly, NCDMV can issue your Spartan plate.
Changes… of address, vehicle changes, change of vehicle ownership, and registration renewals are expected. To assure getting your Spartan plate it is critical to:

  • Renew car registration(s) as soon as the renewal statement is received.
  • Keep driver’s license and registration information current including change of address, vehicle, ownership, etc.
  • If questions arise NCDMV-Special Plates will contact you. Keep an eye out for mail from NCDMV and be sure to open it!